Sunday, March 21, 2010

DubLi Update From John Cini: Improved US Support Office & How To Propose Shopping Mall Merchants

I have more good news on two fronts:

1.  Support for is now coming from the US Office.  I know this because I submitted Support tickets the last couple days that were answered almost immediately (in an hour and 15 minutes), during normal afternoon business hours (which would have been nighttime in Europe).  Also, I received complete, logical answers which resolved my issue.  Needless to say, I was elated.  DubLiNetwork Support is still being handled by the Europe office, unfortunately.  I know this for the same reasons, since I submitted a ticket two days ago that took a full 24 hours to get a response, and the response was basically, “We’ll find out the answer and get back to you,” which has been the standard, unhelpful, slow “support” system from Europe.  When DubLiNetwork support is as fast and reliable as the support is, we’ll all be celebrating.  Be patient – it’ll happen.

[What's the difference between support for and DubLiNetwork?  It's the button you select first when you click "Submit a Ticket" - it says "Select Department" and you either choose or DubLiNetwork.  At this point, anything that you think can answer, I'd direct there.]

2.  We now have the official scoop on how to propose a merchant be listed in the DubLi Shopping Mall (not the auction side, just the shopping side) – it’s all explained in the email below.  Don’t think that because you recommend a merchant they’re going to get listed.  DubLi is not going to allow everything and anything to populate the shopping mall.  I deleted Stefanie’s full email so she doesn’t get blasted by a ton of reps.  If you need to contact her, just contact me for her info.


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: How does a store get listed in the BSP mall?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 14:35:19 -0400
From: Stefanie Kitzes <>
To: ‘John Cini’
Hi John,
To become a DubLi shopping mall merchant, the merchant would need to join one of the affiliate networks that we link to for tracking and reporting.  Because of the complex nature of the rewards mall platform, we require very specific tracking, reporting, and point allocation specifications.  The affiliate networks handle this on our behalf as most merchants do not have this capability on their own.  Below is the list of affiliate networks with whom we are connected:

We have several key criteria we consider when determining if we are going to add a new merchant to the program, notwithstanding the fact that the merchant has to provide the commission as a percentage of sales.  Once a merchant is a member of the one of the affiliates, please have them submit a ticket with the name of the merchant and the affiliate program and then we will go in to our interface and take a look at their program.
Thank you,

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